Tea dots

I love me some multi colored dots. This Damien Hirst picture, as seen in the dearly departed Domino, always stuck in my mind - the colors, the large scale, the non-pattern pattern. I mean wouldn't you love to sit down to breakfast with that big happy picture behind you? About a year ago I was inspired to do a DIY version considering his was £11000. I knew I wanted it to be  the same size as the original which is a bit over 4' x 4'. I created my version of the image in photoshop, had it printed online by a large format printer, had Aaron Brothers assemble the frame (although I bought the Plexiglas myself from a wholesaler for about $500 less than AB wanted for the exact same thing). When it was all said and done it cost around $350. Woot!

Now combine my love of dots with my love for tea.... I mean I don't think I can handle the cuteness of this  Rosanna  tea set. 


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