Emerson Made

So I'm closing in on the last 2 months before THE big day. I'm finding more and more small details (and a few large ones) that I have to deal with.  One of the things that is on my very very long list is fun accessories for me and my 4 ladies.  
I don't think I can handle how cute everything I've found over at Emerson Made is - a husband and wife team based out of upstate NY. That's Emerson in all of the pictures (along with a few little chicks that live on her farm). She makes everything by hand and styles all of the pictures that her husband Ryan takes. Can't handle it...

{all images c/o Emerson Made}

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  1. i'm LOVEN' the flowers too! - very cute and danty!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~


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